I’m not crazy.

Okay, I lied. Yes I am. We’re all a little crazy. I’ve edited a bunch of things on my blog today. I guess I felt a need for change. I’m super excited for a bunch of things that are about to happen in my life. I’m sorry for the rant earlier. I just was having an awful day at the beginning of it. I’m so glad I have people in my life that can cheer me up no matter what. I’m still ready for the weekend though. I guess that’s just the teenager in me. I’m exhausted, and really should be in bed by now. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep until I changed a few things on here.

My new iPhone 5C should be here tomorrow or Friday. Hopefully soon. I’m excited. Let’s hope the rest of this week goes as planned. I’ve already made it farther than I thought I would without certain things. I really don’t want to go into that. Not right now. On the bright side, even though I didn’t get the job that I wanted my friend is getting me an application to where she works. Should be good pay. Once, I raise up enough money. Hello, new apartment. My parents won’t be too happy, but it’s all part of my plan.


Mood: Sleepy

Quote of the Day: We can’t see the stars without the darkness.



Remember how I said that I wouldn’t like homecoming? I was wrong. It was a blast. I still hated the dress, but you know… I only had to wear it for a few minutes. Then I changed right into my jeans! The dance was the best part. Mason and I had this weird dance that we did randomly to rap songs. Hahaha. Mark was mad cause I didn’t wanna slow dance, but eh he got over it. I didn’t get home till about one. He didn’t get home 1 thirtyish. Then he woke me up at 7 to get ready for his local show. I was exhausted and my legs were sooooooo sore. Probably from lifting weights Thursday and then dancing all night Friday. So I could barely walk. Literally I was limping all over the place. My jaw was killing me, I had a migraine, and I was sore. Such a lovely combination. I was walking around like “don’t touch me”. Just saying. It’s not anti-social when you literally feel like shit and not being around people. Oh boy I will be sleeping like a log tonight! I almost forgot about an English assignment for college, but I got it turned in last minute in just enough time that now I can sleep… THANK GOD!