I’ve officially started a yoga series. I’ve never tried yoga before, in fact, I’m not the most flexible person ever. So I’ve always been scared to try. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks so much!


I’m back!

I know I took a break from this for awhile. It’s a very long story that I definitely don’t feel like  explaining, but let me put it this way… I just didn’t feel safe on the internet. Now then, I’ve had quite a bit happen since you’ve last heard from me, and I’m sure you don’t want to hear every single detail… or do you? Anyway, I’m now in my fourth semester at the college. Yes, I fixed everything. Turns out, it’s normal for freshmen to mess up like that, but whatever. It’s not my normal. I’m still with the same sweet guy, we definitely have our rough patches, but who doesn’t? I’m currently coaching a T-Ball team, waiting for summer, and being very impatient about quite a few things. I’m still at the same job, no I definitely don’t wanna talk about that. I now have a new baby, his name is Jep. He is a yellow lab. I got him for Day’s birthday. He’s the sweetest puppy ever. Spoiled rotten for sure! He’s soon about to have a sister, and no, I don’t mean a human one. I mean another lab. I’m getting a chocolate lab in May. Her name will be Jazz. 🙂 We’re all going on a trip to Galveston this summer with Mark, Whitney, maybe Adrianne, and lord knows who else. They ain’t bailing on me this time. I want to go to the beach so bad! I REALLY want to go on a cruise, but I’m not old enough to book one, and the only person I know that’s old enough to go with me that would want to… Well, that’s a bit complicated. I’m working out again, pudge doesn’t suit me. A lot of things have changed recently, and a lot more are about to change. I just hope they’re for the better, are you in for the ride?

Christmas time.

Well, Merry Christmas!

l hope everyone is having a fantastic one. So far my boyfriend has gotten me more stuff than my mom and dad have.. but eh.

So far, this is what I have managed:

From Day: A 12 in. sub and a 1000 watt amp for my truck, a hoodie, a bracelet with interchangeable beads, and earbuds.

From Mom and Dad: Beats Solos

From Dirty Santa: A giftcard to wally world.

From Krystal: A new jacket, new shirt, new jeans.


Hopefully I get some new speakers soon. I really need some. The speaker on the driver’s side rattles real bad, especially with the sub.


Anyways, Merry Christmas..

Well, this is interesting.

My poor baby kitty just got home from the vet on friday. He had to get neutered and de-clawed. I know declawing is really inhumane, but he was clawing my mom up and down her arms, and it was the only choice we had. My cat is pretty much walking around the house as high as a kite. It’s pretty freaking funny. Daylan and I went to the movies and watched Bad Grandpa. I loved it. It was freaking hilarious! We were rolling! I must say this is the happiest I have ever been. I’m so thankful for the people in my life. 🙂



Whatever dude.

So, I went to my cousin’s basketball game tonight. Of course, the one ex of mine that I don’t want to see was there. It’s ridiculous. He’s dating the chick he cheated on me with again and he was hugged up and kissing and holding hands with this other girl, who is under the age of 18 and he’s 20. Well, my friend’s brother took a picture of it and sent it to his girlfriend. As much as I don’t like her, she deserves to know what kind of guy he really is. I learned that the hard way. Now, that being said, that’s not why I’m mad at  him. I’m mad that he’s been spreading crap about me around the town. Saying that I’m sleeping with my friend, let’s call him C. Number one, we’re not sleeping together. Number two, we’re both in relationships. Number three, we’re just friends. It’s ridiculous that someone that age still wants to start crap. I haven’t said anything about him. What gives him the right to start things about me?

I’m not crazy.

Okay, I lied. Yes I am. We’re all a little crazy. I’ve edited a bunch of things on my blog today. I guess I felt a need for change. I’m super excited for a bunch of things that are about to happen in my life. I’m sorry for the rant earlier. I just was having an awful day at the beginning of it. I’m so glad I have people in my life that can cheer me up no matter what. I’m still ready for the weekend though. I guess that’s just the teenager in me. I’m exhausted, and really should be in bed by now. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep until I changed a few things on here.

My new iPhone 5C should be here tomorrow or Friday. Hopefully soon. I’m excited. Let’s hope the rest of this week goes as planned. I’ve already made it farther than I thought I would without certain things. I really don’t want to go into that. Not right now. On the bright side, even though I didn’t get the job that I wanted my friend is getting me an application to where she works. Should be good pay. Once, I raise up enough money. Hello, new apartment. My parents won’t be too happy, but it’s all part of my plan.


Mood: Sleepy

Quote of the Day: We can’t see the stars without the darkness.