Now then.

So we’ve been stuck in this hotel room for two days (this is the third) and we’ve only ventured out a couple of times, besides to Doctor Appointments. I’m about ready to just go walk around, except for knowing my luck I will get lost. Good thing I have a smart phone, right? We would come to one of the states that doesn’t have sweet tea… anywhere. I don’t drink pops anymore so I’ve began drinking a lot of sweet tea. But there isn’t any up here. So I’ve been having to try to find some new drinks to try, but honestly there is a lot of pop. Just to get something to drink for me, I have to go down two floors and I don’t like elevators. So personally, I will just go thirsty until I can’t stand it anymore. Actually, I’m terrified of elevators. Scared doesn’t even cover it. I almost hyperventilate on them every single time. Maybe we’ll venture out soon, because my A.D.D. self can’t stand being cooped up any longer.



Wow, I left Oklahoma at the wrong or was it.. right time? Tornadoes have hit Moore and now there’s some headed towards the way of my friends and family. Please pray for all of them.


On the other hand, my dad had three appointments and we are going to be here until Friday, wish us luck!


Well, I’m officially a graduate of Bennington High School. Not that any of you know where that it, but I don’t expect you to. We had a graduating class of 22, the biggest in the school. Considering we only had 76 people in the high school well.. you get the point. I did it. Now, I have to decide what on earth I’m going to do about college. I have two choices, one that mom wants me to make and one that everyone else wants me to make. Which one do I want to do? Drives me crazy. I officially turned  18 yesterday on the 18th of May. It was a pretty uneventful day. Today is my best friend’s birthday! I’m so happy for her. I think it’s so cool that our birthdays are so close together.

And finally, we made it to Minnesota. This is the farthest away from home I have ever been. It’s currently raining, but oh well. My hotel is nice. Kinda crammed with the five of us and the dog in it. I’m glad my boyfriend got to come. He definitely made the way here a lot more entertaining. Anyways, gotta go. I’ll blog when I’m settled!

Busy busy busy

I have so much to do in so little time it’s scary. Well, not really but eh you know how it is. I played in an allstar game Monday! Went 3-5 and no errors. I got to play on the same team with a couple of my best friends. Then yesterday I played in the Alumni/student/administration game. I was on the winning team! Yeah, free shirt! Anyways, now on to how I’m busy.

Well, I’m supposed to be packing for Minnesota (Which will be the first time going to another state besides Texas and Arkansas). I have NO CLUE what to pack besides jeans or at least that’s what my brother said. So, yeah that will be fun. I have to somehow go to the chiropractor within this time because I have a dislocated rib from Monday (Yeah I played 5 games yesterday with a dislocated rib totally regretting it now.) Tomorrow is graduation which you know I will be running crazy, I’ll probably wind up cussing someone out because of this but you know. I have to go to practice at 10 am, I’m not even awake by then half of the time. So that’ll be fun. Then I have to do all the things to get ready. I have to go get my hair done. Somehow find a belt to put with my dress cause my mother has no fashion sense what-so-ever. Talk my mother into letting me wear boots because well, I like my boots and YOLO. Somehow talk my boyfriend’s dad into letting him go with us because I will go CRAZY being on the road that long with my family. Then at 6 I have to drive to the school and get ready for graduation that starts at 7. After graduation, (WHOO I’ll finally be FREE!!!) anyways, after graduation we are having a family party. Then Johnnie(my boyfriend) and Justin (Bestfriend’s boyfriend/Johnnie’s best friend) are gonna be at the house and we may have a bonfire if it dries up. If it doesn’t, maybe we’ll go camping or mudding. Heck yeah. Then finally at midnight it will be my 18th birthday and YESSSSS.. 


Why am I so tired? I just want to pass out. Then I stumbled across my ex boyfriend’s meet me page, and well my heart skipped a beat and yeah. I shouldn’t be doing that crap. Especially over the guy who broke my heart into a million pieces not once but twice. For the same girl. That ain’t happenin’! I have a great boyfriend and I’m happy as can be. Why the hell did that just happen?

Just great!

I’m going to be completely honest right now, this will most likely involve a lot of ranting because I am so stressed it’s not even funny. I have two field trips this week, I have to pay for my roses for graduation, I have to get out my announcements, I have sports banquet, I have johnnie’s graduation, I have my Baccalaureate, and to top it all off I dropped my phone in the toilet this week. Yes, my 400$ iPhone decided to take a swim in the toilet. Lovely. I’m without my phone and I am so stressed! The field trips are going to be pretty far away and I’m going to need to talk to my parents and take lots of pics.