I haven’t had internet in awhile. So there goes that 30 day challenge. I’m mad/upset/happy? Johnnie and I had been fighting here recently. Over stupid little things. We’re finally back to normal. Thank God. I was so scared I was going to lose him. But I’m so tired of girls. They’re so twofaced sometimes. For example: My “Bestie” started dating my ex that she KNEW I still had feelings for. I told her we’ll still be friends and all that. Cause that just pretty much told me I’m never ever going after him ever ever ever again. Well, then Me and my other best friend went camping and Johnnie went with us and she was all over him! I mean seriously? That’s my boyfriend and I’m sitting RIGHT HERE! He was being his typical self of where he flirts but doesn’t mean anything by it, I mean hell he flirts with my mom and his best friend(who’s a dude) lol I don’t take anything wrong from it. But for some reason, I guess cause of her doing that I’ve been super jealous anytime he mentions her or something. I know I shouldn’t be cause he’s with me, but I don’t know I’m scared. I’m so used to them leaving me for someone else. Why not one of my friends? :/


Late Summer Nights(:

It’s 4 in the morning where I’m at. I’m wide awake. Why? Well, good question. I don’t sleep very well. Especially when I’m having knee pain out the whazoo. My friend Whitney came over, and she’s been asleep since around 11:30 ish. No one is awake to text me. Mallory normally is, but she’s definitely not awake. Loser. So I’m blowing up my twitter feed. Haha. It’s not as bad as last night. Whitney and I went fishing today, and I caught an eight pound bass. Caught some more, but they were runts. My new fishing pole is messed up, so I have to get Johnnie to look at it because I honestly don’t know what’s wrong. Normally I can fix them myself, but I have no clue what happened. Disapointing. I love my pole. We didn’t get to go to the magnolia festival. So we fished. Not that I’m complaining. I love to fish. But still. We’re supposed to go to a rodeo tomorrow, hopefully we can do that. I’m so tired of everyone else having an awesome summer and me being stuck at home like a hermit crab. It’s like everyone is all I’m going to the lake or I’m at the lake and I’m swimming and I’m all like I’m sitting on my butt looking at a computer.



High School Musical and kitty butts and 4G

Yes, I know that’s an awkward title, but honestly that’s what’s going on. I’m watching High School Musical 3 because I’ve seen all the others, but I haven’t seen this one and I love them! Anyways, about the kitty butt. Well, my kitty has no sense of personal space. When I do things my kitty likes to be right behind me or in my face. Which I honestly do not like the kitty butt in my face. Which it is right now…


Anyways, I’m really enjoying the 4G speed I am now getting at my house. It’s super fast and great. I’ve been watching softball ALL day! My three favorite teams have won. Hook em horns baby! I’ll definitely be watching the whole series. And I’m uber mad at my ex who rubbed it in my face that he was there. Loser. I was so mad. I made sure he knew about it. He sent me a picture of him sitting on the third base line saying hahaha. So I sent a picture of me flipping him off saying hahaha. My friend Whitney is coming over tomorrow. Definitely gonna be fishin’ and maybe go swimming with my best friend Crystal. If that don’t happen we’re going to the Magnolia Festival. Sounds like fun to me. 😉

Home sweet home.

I am finally back in Oklahoma, and I couldn’t be happier. Number one, I have my sweet tea. Yes, I’m an addict. I can’t help it. I stopped drinking pop and now tea has become my drink of choice. Number two, I missed my bed. It’s sooo comfy and I’m not having to share it with two other people. Not that I minded sharing a bed with my boyfriend. That was nice. He’s comfy. Although I’m not too sure my mom and dad appreciated it, but it’s not like they had a choice. Oh well. I liked it. Besides, it’s not like we DID anything. We have way too much respect for my parents than that. Even when we were alone, we kept it PG, besides a little kissing here and there. Now that I’m back I’m ready to go swimming and all that. This is the first summer where I actually have time to do stuff! Trust me, I will. I’m going to go swimming and go to the lake and all that. I love the water! I’m not the best swimmer in the world, but I love it anyways. So now that being said, I have picked out my swim suit and I’m so excited for it to get here. Image

Yep, very excited! 🙂 Summer here I come!