I gots a kitty!

I gots new kitty today, well it was already mine but still. I saved it. My dog brought up one of my cats kittens and it was only a few days old. I tried to bottle feed it, but I was scared it was going to die so I took it to my friend’s house and luckily her cat took it in. I finally got her back today. I need to pick out a name. She’s black with one white spot on her chest. So far, she has not made friends with Poncho(The chihuahua). Well, she likes him, but he doesn’t like her. Maybe they’ll make friends. I bought her a litter box, litter, and food. She loves the food. I’m working on potty training her. Hopefully, it’ll be easy. My sister says just put her in the box, and she’ll pretty much train herself. My vet tech of a boyfriend (well, future vet tech but his dad is a vet tech so he knows what’s up) says that I need to give her medicine because she has matted up eyes from allergies. She’s tiny! I love it. She’s probably going to be little when she gets older. I’ll post a pic later when I can get one of her without matted up eyes.

 My best friend came over today. We went fishing and rode the fourwheeler around. It was a BLAST. I tanned and didn’t burn, uhhh been waiting my whole life to say that! Anyways, we had fun. It was great. Then we went to a cook out with my family I loved it. 🙂