About Me♡


I’m not very good at introducing myself so bare with me.
My name is Ciara Faith Parker. I’m an 18 year old trying to find her place in this big world. I blow out the candles on May 18th. I’m from a small town that people don’t even really know. I’m a country girl who isn’t afraid of getting dirty. I played softball in highschool, and should’ve played in college, but I let the opportunity slip by me. I’m with this amazing guy, and even though he’s younger than me he understands me more than anyone else. I listen to all kinds of music. I blog about everything and anything that comes to my mind.

This is me. I don’t know how else to explain…


21 thoughts on “About Me♡

  1. You have an awesome blog! Glad to know there are some other teenagers out here, not just mommy bloggers and people taking pictures of food at a million different angles:)! Love reading your stuff:)!

  2. Just found your blog – I love it and your teenage problems. Good to know I’m not along in this crazy-angsty world of hormones!

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