Today Though

Today was a pretty good day. I woke up, and did my yoga. Started the day feeling great. I got ready, and headed to town to meet up with D. While in DG, I ran into one of my tee ball moms and player. The little girl didn’t even notice me, but hey that’s okay. We only just started.

I’ve been trying to drink more water, but the only water I can even stand the taste of is smart water, fiji, or water infused with fruit. So far I’m up to two bottles of the smart water, which is pretty good sized, a day. It’s nowhere near where I need to be, but it’s definitely a start!

We went fishing and took our buppy (aka Jep, our yellow lab). He loved it. He’s just now started to get in the water though. I don’t know why he’s so timid around it, but he’ll love it soon enough. I don’t know a lab that doesn’t love water! Soon enough, we will be introducing a new member of my little family. No, it’s not a baby. That won’t happen any time soon, but it IS a new member to my little family. It will be a chocolate lab, and her name will be…. well, I haven’t made up my mind yet since it won’t happen until May, but i’m trying to think of names. We want it to start with a J since we have Jep. So help me come up with names!



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