I’m back!

I know I took a break from this for awhile. It’s a very long story that I definitely don’t feel like  explaining, but let me put it this way… I just didn’t feel safe on the internet. Now then, I’ve had quite a bit happen since you’ve last heard from me, and I’m sure you don’t want to hear every single detail… or do you? Anyway, I’m now in my fourth semester at the college. Yes, I fixed everything. Turns out, it’s normal for freshmen to mess up like that, but whatever. It’s not my normal. I’m still with the same sweet guy, we definitely have our rough patches, but who doesn’t? I’m currently coaching a T-Ball team, waiting for summer, and being very impatient about quite a few things. I’m still at the same job, no I definitely don’t wanna talk about that. I now have a new baby, his name is Jep. He is a yellow lab. I got him for Day’s birthday. He’s the sweetest puppy ever. Spoiled rotten for sure! He’s soon about to have a sister, and no, I don’t mean a human one. I mean another lab. I’m getting a chocolate lab in May. Her name will be Jazz. 🙂 We’re all going on a trip to Galveston this summer with Mark, Whitney, maybe Adrianne, and lord knows who else. They ain’t bailing on me this time. I want to go to the beach so bad! I REALLY want to go on a cruise, but I’m not old enough to book one, and the only person I know that’s old enough to go with me that would want to… Well, that’s a bit complicated. I’m working out again, pudge doesn’t suit me. A lot of things have changed recently, and a lot more are about to change. I just hope they’re for the better, are you in for the ride?


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