So tired of things.

I’m happy with my life don’t get me wrong. I have a fantastic guy by my side and I don’t know what I’d do without him. I have so many friends who try to help. I’m doing better in my classes. I’m pretty sure I have an A in all of them. If I don’t I honestly have no clue, how I don’t. I got a new phone, although I broke it the same day I got it. My mom bought me a tanning bed. I know I know, too much is too bad. I’m so tired of my family putting me down and telling me that I’m getting fat, just because my stomach isn’t as toned as it normally is. I constantly have to hear about how I’m getting fat and them asking if I’m “knocked up”. It’s getting annoying and tiring. Not to mention I can’t sleep very good anyways, without the stress.


I have some goals before summer.

Finish the semester with all As and I’d deal with one B. But that’s it. JUST ONE.

Be tan.

Be “skinny”

Get on the pill (me and the shot didn’t agree) 



and well that’s about it. 


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