Haunted Houses and Spooks

So, I went to a Haunted House for the first time. (Yes, I’m 18 and never been to one.) Anyways, we went to one with my sister, her boyfriend, my nephew, and my sister’s boyfriend’s brother. Before we even went in I told them that I was terrified of clowns. Well, of course the lady over the haunted house was gonna lie to me about there being clowns. We’re walking through there and come across this room and I immediately say “I don’t like this room.” We keep on walking and I almost walked past the clown until they started pushing me towards it and I FREAKED! I started trying to climb up my sister’s boyfriend like he was a tree. He’s like 6’3” and I’m 5’4”, so I know you can imagine how funny that would’ve been. Well, we walked mostly because I was pushing them. I was screaming I hate you I hate you. Then we come across a Midget Clown with a knife. They stop and the other clown thought it would be funny to follow me and he ran into me. I was panicking. Finally we reached the end and I was still saying how much I hated everyone.


And that my friends is how my first Haunted House experience went.


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