I survived, but barely.

I survived last week. Even after all my ranting and raving! Look at me go! I have seriously almost gotten into four wrecks within the past few days. Twice today! I feel exhausted and worn out. I guess I sound like the typical college student. I don’t know. I just know I’m tired and grumpy. Could be cause it’s a Monday I guess. Either way, I do  have a few things to be happy about.

My cousin’s baseball team made it to State, and I am either going to go watch him or go to the Kip Moore/Love and Theft concert thursday. Friday given that he makes it that far I will go watch him again. Saturday, well me and the boyfriend will find something to do we always do. We went and watched Gravity this weekend and absolutely hated it. Sorry for anyone who wants to watch it, but I hated it. He was fuming the whole time anyways cause we wanted to watch another movie and they wouldn’t let him in. (he’s under 17 for the next two weeks. poor baby.) I’m trying to find me some crafts or something to do. My SADD is coming back and well, it’s coming rather quickly and I know if I keep myself busy it won’t be as bad. My dog sugar had puppies. 8 little boxers/pits. They are so cute! I love them to pieces.


Peace out boy scout!

Enjoy some pics!



Random Collage of me and Day! (The icons are because it was my lockscreen.)



My two favorite boys! Daylan and Ranger!












Going to one of Day’s Football games!
















Me and Day

































Ranger when he was a baby.







































My fish I caught. Ignore my ratchetness.



























































































































Ranger likes to pose with momma.





















































































My proud Mommy.



I get bored


The babies!

I ImageImage

And last but not least…

one of the cutest things I have ever seen!


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