I try to stay away from sticky situations, but I always find myself in them. I have some great guy friends. One of them is dating one of my best friends. But people keep telling her that me and him are running around on her and my boyfriend(her cousin). I would never do that. I love him. I’m a trustworthy person. I would never hurt him. So I don’t know who keeps telling her this, but it’s beginning to make me angry. Besides, everyone who knows me and mark know that we’d never work as a couple. We’ve tried it. It don’t work. We argue too much. We fight too much. We’re like brother and sister. It’s ridiculous. 


On the other hand, my pitbull is about to have puppies. I got another iPhone. I’m doing good in school.*I Think.* I got a new iPod. New Boots. Thursday is probably going to be a bad day. It’ll be three years since Jovani died. 


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