So, college is okay. It’s definitely better than Highschool. Although, what’s funny is… I’m so hidden here. Like only a handful of people know I exist. Which is fine with me, because honestly I come from a High School where everyone knows “everything” about you whether you know it or not. So I like my anonymity. I have 5 classes. Two are online. (They’re both really simple.) Then three on campus. I don’t live here, but I may as well. I hang out with Mark all the time. No mark isn’t my boyfriend. Mark is my best friend that’s a guy. He’s also dating my best friend. I am dating her cousin ironically. I just wanted to make sure this was clear. I have been trying to decide between getting an xbox one or playstation 4. I have decided on Xbox. I’m applying to work at gamestop. Every time I go in there I get hit on though.. Oh well. 


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