I haven’t had internet in awhile. So there goes that 30 day challenge. I’m mad/upset/happy? Johnnie and I had been fighting here recently. Over stupid little things. We’re finally back to normal. Thank God. I was so scared I was going to lose him. But I’m so tired of girls. They’re so twofaced sometimes. For example: My “Bestie” started dating my ex that she KNEW I still had feelings for. I told her we’ll still be friends and all that. Cause that just pretty much told me I’m never ever going after him ever ever ever again. Well, then Me and my other best friend went camping and Johnnie went with us and she was all over him! I mean seriously? That’s my boyfriend and I’m sitting RIGHT HERE! He was being his typical self of where he flirts but doesn’t mean anything by it, I mean hell he flirts with my mom and his best friend(who’s a dude) lol I don’t take anything wrong from it. But for some reason, I guess cause of her doing that I’ve been super jealous anytime he mentions her or something. I know I shouldn’t be cause he’s with me, but I don’t know I’m scared. I’m so used to them leaving me for someone else. Why not one of my friends? :/


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