30 Day Challenge: Day 2

Something I feel strongly about:

I think our Veteran’s should be treated a whole of a hell lot better. I know how they are treated. My dad is one. I can’t say who he is or anything because i don’t want him to get in trouble or anything. But I will share what he has been through. Number one: Dr visits out the whazoo. And yet no one can tell what’s wrong with him? He went from being perfectly healthy to having random seizures, gained loads of weight, falling, tripping, and randomly shaking. When he used to be able to run every day, workout every day. Now he can barely walk. Is that really how our veterans should be treated? They worked their asses off for our country, and yet that’s the respect they get? Really? Number two: My friend is an ex marine. He was hurting in his shoulder really bad. They went to the VA and got an x-ray and they said it was just bruised. Well, after a month of it continuously hurting he went to a regular hospital. They found out his arm and hand was broken. He had a major sprain and a broken shoulder blade. Yep.


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