Softball and dirty rooms.

I’m watching the college world series right now. OU and Tennesse are playing for the championship. I’m okay with either team winning. (Even though I don’t really like OU.) They’re currently in the 9th inning, and there’s generally only 7 innings. They’re in extra innings. I love watching games like this. The cat is asleep on the couch and curled up in a ball. I’m surprised she normally tries to sleep in my lap or on my belly. I really want to go swimming. I haven’t gone all summer. Everyone else has. I’m like a hermit crab. I leave the house every once in awhile. I just want to go. It’s not like I can leave on my own, I don’t have a legal vehicle. And I don’t have my license which I’m ashamed to say considering I’m 18. It’s not my fault. Every time I make an appointment it gets cancelled. Oh well, I will eventually have it. So while I’m sitting here at home everyone else is enjoying their summer. I think I’m about to break a horse and ride it. I kinda miss riding. I haven’t been able to in a long time. Johnnie rides his all the time. So why can’t I? I don’t mean ride it to town or nothing. I mean just ride it for the hell of it and go where ever. I need to clean my room. Dad has been getting on my case about it. I know it needs clean. But I also know that I’ll never get it completely done and I also know that it’s just clothes. All of it. Literally just clothes everywhere. :/


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