Alright, Alright, Alright!

So we DID get to go to the rodeo. It was fun. Except my ex was there and he was only there cause he knew I’d go. Guess someone has been reading my blog? He was like in the background. I noticed him first. I wish we could’ve gone to the first night of it. It would’ve been a lot better. Johnnie is upset cause he lost his job. Although it wasn’t his fault. The guy said “it seems like you don’t want to work here.” The only reason he didn’t go to work was cause he was with us and it was too wet for him to go. Cause it required the ground being dry. But Oh well. He’ll find another one. He’s good at that. I have faith in him. My cat is sitting on my shoulder reading everything I type. I’m not sure why, but she is. I think it’s the movement of my hands that’s drawing her attention. I’ve been watching the Women’s College World Series, one of my favorite teams is in the championship and the other two are eliminated. That sucks. It’s pissing me off though. I know I can do just as good as some of them, and I won’t get that chance. It kills me. My sister has been mouthing me all freaking day about it. You could be doing that blah blah, but you’re throwing your talent away. I am NOT throwing my talent away. Mom won’t let me go to OBU (which after thinking about it I don’t mind.) and the only college that really wants me is Murray, but I’m already commited and signed up for classes with SOSU. Everyone thinks that I haven’t really said what I want to do, but I’m just not sure I can go to Murray. I don’t know..


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