Home sweet home.

I am finally back in Oklahoma, and I couldn’t be happier. Number one, I have my sweet tea. Yes, I’m an addict. I can’t help it. I stopped drinking pop and now tea has become my drink of choice. Number two, I missed my bed. It’s sooo comfy and I’m not having to share it with two other people. Not that I minded sharing a bed with my boyfriend. That was nice. He’s comfy. Although I’m not too sure my mom and dad appreciated it, but it’s not like they had a choice. Oh well. I liked it. Besides, it’s not like we DID anything. We have way too much respect for my parents than that. Even when we were alone, we kept it PG, besides a little kissing here and there. Now that I’m back I’m ready to go swimming and all that. This is the first summer where I actually have time to do stuff! Trust me, I will. I’m going to go swimming and go to the lake and all that. I love the water! I’m not the best swimmer in the world, but I love it anyways. So now that being said, I have picked out my swim suit and I’m so excited for it to get here. Image

Yep, very excited! 🙂 Summer here I come!


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