Crafty is as crafty does.

I’ve always been a crafty person, so I can’t turn down good crafts especially when they appeal to me! Right now, since it’s beginning of summer I’m not that busy. This is the first summer where I really don’t have a lot to do. It’s crazy. I’m used to softball every day and lifting every day. Lifting and hitting in the AM and fielding in the PM. Every single day except for Saturday and Sunday. So I’m not that busy, as you can tell. I’ve been trying to find some new crafts to do. Right now, I’m kinda on a custom clothes/jewelry kick. Mostly I’ve been making cutoffs and shorts out of old jeans. Pretty much some new summer clothes. I needed some blue jean shorts, and well why put an old pair of jeans I never wear to waste? I’ve been searching the internet and searching pinterest for some new things to do. I’ve honestly found a bunch of things that I would like to try, while also doing insanity and tanning and all the other fun summer things. (SWIMMING) I’ve also started sewing again, yes I know. It’s probably shocking to a lot of people that I can sew even though I’m only 17. Like I said I’m pretty crafty and I enjoy making new things. Sewing was a great way to make my own cute accessories that no one else will have. It’s kinda nice.

Now, that being said, does anybody know any good crafts? Preferably clothes/jewelry?


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