Now then.

So we’ve been stuck in this hotel room for two days (this is the third) and we’ve only ventured out a couple of times, besides to Doctor Appointments. I’m about ready to just go walk around, except for knowing my luck I will get lost. Good thing I have a smart phone, right? We would come to one of the states that doesn’t have sweet tea… anywhere. I don’t drink pops anymore so I’ve began drinking a lot of sweet tea. But there isn’t any up here. So I’ve been having to try to find some new drinks to try, but honestly there is a lot of pop. Just to get something to drink for me, I have to go down two floors and I don’t like elevators. So personally, I will just go thirsty until I can’t stand it anymore. Actually, I’m terrified of elevators. Scared doesn’t even cover it. I almost hyperventilate on them every single time. Maybe we’ll venture out soon, because my A.D.D. self can’t stand being cooped up any longer.


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