Busy busy busy

I have so much to do in so little time it’s scary. Well, not really but eh you know how it is. I played in an allstar game Monday! Went 3-5 and no errors. I got to play on the same team with a couple of my best friends. Then yesterday I played in the Alumni/student/administration game. I was on the winning team! Yeah, free shirt! Anyways, now on to how I’m busy.

Well, I’m supposed to be packing for Minnesota (Which will be the first time going to another state besides Texas and Arkansas). I have NO CLUE what to pack besides jeans or at least that’s what my brother said. So, yeah that will be fun. I have to somehow go to the chiropractor within this time because I have a dislocated rib from Monday (Yeah I played 5 games yesterday with a dislocated rib totally regretting it now.) Tomorrow is graduation which you know I will be running crazy, I’ll probably wind up cussing someone out because of this but you know. I have to go to practice at 10 am, I’m not even awake by then half of the time. So that’ll be fun. Then I have to do all the things to get ready. I have to go get my hair done. Somehow find a belt to put with my dress cause my mother has no fashion sense what-so-ever. Talk my mother into letting me wear boots because well, I like my boots and YOLO. Somehow talk my boyfriend’s dad into letting him go with us because I will go CRAZY being on the road that long with my family. Then at 6 I have to drive to the school and get ready for graduation that starts at 7. After graduation, (WHOO I’ll finally be FREE!!!) anyways, after graduation we are having a family party. Then Johnnie(my boyfriend) and Justin (Bestfriend’s boyfriend/Johnnie’s best friend) are gonna be at the house and we may have a bonfire if it dries up. If it doesn’t, maybe we’ll go camping or mudding. Heck yeah. Then finally at midnight it will be my 18th birthday and YESSSSS.. 


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