Oh boy Oh boy

I have another prom that I have to go to. The boyfriend’s. I have a white cotton dress with white eyelet lace on the waste line and the edge of the skirt. I’m wearing my new Turquoise and brown boots. He’s wearing a white pearl snap with turquoise and black flowery stuff on it with his boots. Yes, I know it sounds country. Especially since we’re going to prom, but that’s how he is. Lol, biggest redneck ever. Let me tell ya. At least it’s casual, honestly I don’ t know if I could handle heels one more time. We have to stay there till midnight, I might as well wear comfy shoes. His graduation is next week. Mine is the 17th. I have two essays due, one for college, one for highschool. I’m working on my graduation announcements right now as we speak. Getting all these addresses are hard. I’ve been fighting with mom all week, because I got another scholarship, and it’s close and she still don’t want me to go. She thinks I only want to go cause that’s where Johnnie is going which is not the case. I just want to play ball. My highschool season is over. I finished with 16 homeruns and a +.700 batting average. Not too shabby! My last hit in my highschool career was a homerun. It was awesome. I have been selected as an allstar and I am nominated for all-state. Wish me luck! 🙂



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