This is crazyyyy.

Eventually my life should slow down, soon maybe. I have officially played my last season softball game. Districts is in a day. I hurt my knee, and I’m not even supposed to be playing right now, but I’m not missing out my Senior year. That’s just not done. Not to me anyways. I’m so glad I don’t have testing, I’d be so much more stressed then I already am. I’m almost through with my English Comp class. I only have one more week. I have been bottle feeding a kitten for the past few days, and it’s been keeping me up ALL night. But luckily my friend had a mama cat that took it in and I get my kitty kitty back when it’s old enough. When softball season is over I have concluded I’m going to get my belly button pierced. Why not? YOLO! Just kidding. I think it’d look cute though, and my boyfriend says he’ll pay for it and take me. 🙂 He’s so sweet. Although, I’ve kinda corrupted him. He’s no longer innocent. 😉 lol. So, I have a feeling these next few weeks might be more chill than here lately. Except for everything going on with dad. It’s so hard to keep happy with all that’s going on. Johnnie and Softball are pretty much what’s keeping me smiling. I’ll explain what’s going on with dad later. Peace out!


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