College work

I am soooo behind in my college work. I had an essay due saturday, but because of blackboard being down it’s due today. I don’t want to write it. AT ALL. Then I have the assignments from this week, also don’t want to do them. Tonight’s marks last game of the regular season. My Senior Night is tomorrow, and I don’t want to dress up, but eh. You know I have to. I got my prom dress today, ON SALE FOR  20 BUCKS! Oh yeah. I’ll post pics of it when I get it fixed the way I want it. There’s some things on it I want changed. I got a new shirt that says Keep Calm and Carry On, on sale for 8. I love hittin’ up sales! 


My dad had to have a heart cath today. I am pretty sure it went okay, considering he is home now. You know they don’t tell me anything. I am talking to a college coach, who is not only close to home but thinking about offering me a deal… on a team where I know a few of my teammates already. Maybe. Wish me luck! 


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