I come up with such creative titles, don’t I? So I’ve been busy. I have two concurrent classes and I’ve had to fill out FAFSA and some essays for scholarships. I did one scholarship for christian athletes, if I’m selected as a finalist I have to do a phone interview, and then if I’m selected I have to do a press release. Ohhhh boy. I can barely talk in front of friends! I’ve also enrolled in the honors program at a college. If I’m selected for that I have to have an actual interview. I’m going to have to get over this fear if I’m going to be a teacher that is for sure! 😦 


We started softball last Friday and I hit two out already! Probably from all the lifting we’ve been doing. I’m starting early! It normally takes me awhile to get used to slowpitch after fastpitch, but apparently not this year. Which is exactly what I was hoping for. I tried to catch some popups, but I couldn’t do it very well in my boots. Haha, they’re not the best for running in the outfield, but hey that’s southern oklahoma right there! 


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