Okay, so…

Today is just blah. I found out that if I miss first hour two more times I fail and won’t be able to graduate. Which I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. I don’t have a class. So I don’t see the point but whatever. All I know is they threatened my softball playing and that is no bueno. Coach says if I miss anymore I have to run like 4 miles every day. Principal says if I absolutely have to miss to text him and let him know so we can make sure it doesn’t count against me. I informed him of the fact that I may have to have surgery and all that jazz. He says that’s fine, but I’ll have to let him know. Ugh, this is stupid. Now I have to wake up early and all that. I’m just going to take a pillow and blanket to school and sleep there. Whatever. Works the same way. 

I’m super nervous, not only about my jaw, but other things. I hate when adults try to talk to me like, “You know if you need anything you can talk to me” and “I’m always here for you”. Yeah, I know you are. But I’m barely comfortable talking out loud, much less to an adult. Read my blog if you want to know what’s going on in my life. Honestly. But you know. I’m scared about my jaw, which just gets worse and worse. Now I can’t close it all the way and I can feel how lopsided my jaw is. It hurts soooo much to chew. I’m sticking to softer food for now. I’m not allowed to chew gum anymore. Not that I really want to right now, but I know I will when softball season comes around. Sigh. 

Now then, tomorrow I am going to go tan. The first time in a tanning bed, and I’m nervous about it. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Well, I mean I do kinda. How long am I supposed to stay in there? HELP. 


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