Remember how I said that I wouldn’t like homecoming? I was wrong. It was a blast. I still hated the dress, but you know… I only had to wear it for a few minutes. Then I changed right into my jeans! The dance was the best part. Mason and I had this weird dance that we did randomly to rap songs. Hahaha. Mark was mad cause I didn’t wanna slow dance, but eh he got over it. I didn’t get home till about one. He didn’t get home 1 thirtyish. Then he woke me up at 7 to get ready for his local show. I was exhausted and my legs were sooooooo sore. Probably from lifting weights Thursday and then dancing all night Friday. So I could barely walk. Literally I was limping all over the place. My jaw was killing me, I had a migraine, and I was sore. Such a lovely combination. I was walking around like “don’t touch me”. Just saying. It’s not anti-social when you literally feel like shit and not being around people. Oh boy I will be sleeping like a log tonight! I almost forgot about an English assignment for college, but I got it turned in last minute in just enough time that now I can sleep… THANK GOD!


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