I started my college classes monday. So far so good! The English class is easy. Health is confusing, but oh well. I’ll get the hang of it. Softball is right around the corner. I start my little dribblers season tomorrow. I have two of the best kids in the school. Mallory, my best friend, is my co-coach. I finally get to drive! The only thing is, it’s a piece. I kinda ran it through a fence and now it sucks. Oh well. At least I get to drive. It’s so much easier. I am probably going to get in trouble with the school cause I only come about half the day. But I don’t see the point of going the whole day when I don’t have class until 4th hour. I thought it didn’t matter as long as you’re there half the day. It’s ridiculous. I picked out my prom dress and shoes! 🙂 I’ll show a pic of them later. I’m sorry I haven’t really posted anything lately. College stuff has me busy! 


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