The only good news is that my new phone is working. Now, time for the bad news and why I’m in such a grumpy ass attitude. (pardon my French) 

Number One: I had to wake up early. 

Number Two: I’m sick. 

Number Three: I had to go to the City (Three Hours AWAY)

Number Four: In order to get my phone to work I had to go through several customer service reps before finding one who knew what the hell they were doing.

Number Five: Mark’s flight got delayed so now I don’t get to see him tonight. 

Number Six: My mom made me reschedule/cancel my tour of OBU. 

Number Seven: She then proceeded to throw a hissy fit about it.

Number Eight: She got dad involved.

Number Nine: I finished my book series and am very disappointed in the ending. 

Number Ten: Mark has been in a pissy attitude all day too.


Furthermore, I need sleep, pain meds, some more Dr. Pepper, and a nice HOT shower. I might just go crazy if I don’t. 


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