Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon?

Oh yes please. I’ve been watching them since around 12. After this we may go watch the Hobbit, or some other movie, but I want to see the Hobbit. Les Miserables would be number two choice. My chihuahua is mad at me. I’m not exactly sure why, but he’ll get over it. I think it’s cause I wouldn’t take him outside when he wanted to go. My fat boy, Mark, is home. He got here around midnight. I’m so happy. 🙂 Not only that but I finally go my new phone working after hours of customer service reps. (wait didn’t I say that last night?) If I did. I’m sorry. I was half asleep when I was typing last night. Literally a zombie. 

Speaking of Zombies, I want to watch WWZ. The book was amazing! And I just love zombies. xP


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