As we gather ‘round the tree,

A sudden thought hits me.

This is supposed to be the last

Christmas with you.

But I don’t want it to be true.

You’re my daddy

My snuggle buddy

How can they just take you away

Why don’t you have a say

I know I don’t show it,

And I know I’ve put you through shit.

But I’m so proud

To have you around,

And to call you by dad.

Well, that’s not so bad.

When you were gone across the seas,

I hoped and prayed you thought of me.

I slept with your jacket on my bed,

Close by my heart it helped rest my head.

Even then I was scared for your life,

Scared for us, and prayed to lose the strife.

I wasn’t very old,

But the truth be told

I knew more than they thought,

And I knew my daddy was brave to have fought.

I thought that was it,

When you came home from your trip.

Now I’m older I know better,

Especially since I read that letter.

I know I wasn’t supposed to though,

But how else was I supposed to know?

You weren’t going to tell me you’re dying,

That’s the same as lying.

For awhile I didn’t know what hurt more,

Being lied to by someone you adore

Or find out they’re going to die?

Shouldn’t that cover up your lie?

I realized you were only trying to protect me,

I’m sorry I didn’t see

That any sooner but at least I see it now

I’m not ready to see you take your final bow.

Please don’t leave me anytime soon,

I beg at the moon.

I’m not mad just entirely sad,

I love you dad.



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