2012-12-22 12.51.45


What can I say about my fat boy? I don’t mean that derogatory, I really don’t. It’s his nickname that he gave himself-in my defense. Yeah, he’s a little chubby, but hey he’s comfy. He has these gorgeous blue eyes and I get lost in sea when I see them. We’ve had our good times and bad. Mostly because of me. I met him so many times before the time we count as the real first time. I don’t know how we kept avoiding to talk. But when we finally met in church that one day, I knew there was something different in him than any other guy. Especially that ex I wasn’t sure I was over yet, but he made me forget about him. Which I didn’t think was possible at all. Honestly I was head over heels for that guy, and I didn’t think that losing him would actually wind up to be a good thing, but it was. It introduced me to my fat boy, Mark. We dated the first time in March. March 11, 2012 to be exact. Yeah Mark you probably didn’t think I’d remember that. But I do. I made some mistakes, such as leaving him for that ex I was telling you about. Was it twice or three times? I don’t remember. Either way I hurt him. I didn’t mean to. Honestly, I thought I was doing what was best. Now, I realize that I was just fucking things up. And I was being an idiot. It wasn’t him who I loved, no. It was Mark. I’m surprised Mark has taken me back, and I know he doesn’t trust me as much. But yeah.

I’m just glad to have my fat boy back.


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