I’m free

You know that feeling when you just feel like nothing is holding you down anymore? Like you’re completely free and nothing can hold you back. That’s how I feel right now. Liberated. He’s gone. (not mark) the other one. I couldn’t be any happier. There was a time when I thought I couldn’t get over him. When I thought that he was the one, and that I needed him. I realize now that I don’t. 


Why would I need a dick who’s not over some bitch? Pardon my french, but it’s the truth. She’s done to him what he’s done to me, and he’s not over her. To be honest, I think the two deserve each other. I wish them the best of luck. Because once everything falls apart, don’t come crying back to me. Because I do not care anymore. Everyone I know is saying “Thank God” and “Finally”. Maybe I should have listened when my parents told me to let him go. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so hard when they wouldn’t let me go eat with him. Now I realize they were trying to protect me. It’s just that I needed to realize it on my own first. I deleted him off facebook, deleted his number. Deleted anything of his. All his shit is gone. Pictures burned. Presents, gone. I hope he gets back what he deserves. Karma is sure a bitch. 


Here’s a little poem I wrote: 

I’ve always kind of wondered,

if it were true,

and now I know I wasn’t meant for you.

So good luck,

you deserve each other,

just remember you left me for her.


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