I dunno.

Do you ever feel trapped inside your own body,

Filled to the brim with melancholy?

So much you’re not even sure

Who you are anymore?

That voice in your head screaming,

Your heart is there with him double teaming

You, and you have no choice.

You have to try to destroy the voice.

You try to numb the pain,

But all that’s in vain.

The voice won’t stop his tirade,

And you’re lost in a cascade.

Your mind is a dark tunnel that has no end.

You think the pain of steel is your friend.

You find out everything is a lie,

But you still deny.

Why is it harder to accept the truth,

Even though everything around you is proof?

The lie is sweet and what you need

It tames that beast you have to feed.

The world is spinning around you

You know what you have to do.

Get out while you still can and lose that voice,

Get out while you still have a choice.




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