Almost here.

Sorry, I haven’t had internet to post anything. Which sucked so I caught up on my reading. Either way I’m glad that I can blow off some steam now. It’s almost the new year and I’ve made a list of resolutions-about thirty of them. I’ve noticed that the more and more I wrote the more and more they became more like goals than resolutions. For instance, I put college. Of course, I’m going to college. But it’s more of a goal as is graduating. Don’t gain the freshman however many pounds it is. Major goal. No offense, but I happen to like my size. Blog more. Goal. Eat better. Goal. They’re mostly goals. Either way, I’ll be occupied because heaven knows that you have to keep an ADD person busy or else they’re going to go out of their mind. I literally have to have something to do. Always. If I don’t- I think too much. If I think too much- I get depressed. No, No, No. I won’t let that happen. Not this year! I can’t stand feeling like that. Feeling like I’m trapped and have no way out. I feel depressed if I can’t work out, depressed if I can’t blog. No one believes me. Literally. I told my mom that I thought I have Seasonal Depression when it starts to become winter time. She laughed and said “You can’t have depression just because softball season is over.” Right. 

Whoa, it’s amazing how much I blab and blab when I haven’t been able to blog in a couple of days. Huh. I have to wait a couple more for my new phone SIM to come in. That’s disappointing. But oh well. I’ve waited this long. Also, I’ve come to figure out how AWESOME Dr. Who is. Why hasn’t anyone told me? Ugh. 


I’m posting a poem after this. Maybe two. 😉



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