If you’ve read my other blog, which I doubt any of you have, cause it’s on blogger and whatnot. But anyways, all it’s been about is the chihuahua. He’s stubborn and already spoiled rotten. Doesn’t he know us teenagers need their sleep? Nope, not at all. I got an email today saying my SIM card has been shipped. I’m excited.

               Also, apparently I’ve managed to run down 5 gigs of internet. Oops. Probably from downloading a lot of shit Christmas night. My bad. They should just get me my own so I don’t have to share. It’d be really considerate. Yeah, and they wouldn’t have to deal with me running it up. Although, at least in this case I can blame them too. If I had my own and ran it down early well… I’m the only one to blame there. This time though I didn’t mean to. It was probably my use of skype as well. I can’t help it. My boyfriend is in Wyoming and I needed some way to talk to him since I don’t have calling on my cell yet. If my SIM card would just hurry this wouldn’t be such a damn problem. Hehe, my mom probably wouldn’t appreciate my use of cuss words, but do I care? Not so much.

     She’s been trying to talk me out of the college I want to go to. It’s not going to work. Not only did they offer me a scholarship, but do you know what that means? I get to play college softball! My life dream. It’s all I’ve ever wanted since I was little. Which, since I was little I’ve been wanting to play college ball, and now it’s a reality. A reality she is trying to keep me away from. I don’t like that at all! Ever since I’ve been little I’ve been told I could go where ever I wanted. They would find a way to pay for it and blahh blahh. Now what? It’s going to be paid for, I get to complete my dream, and now you’re telling me I can’t? What is this? 



4 thoughts on “Hm.

  1. My mom does that to me too. I simply want to go to college 8 hrs away, but its “too far”. I dunno, I think its simply because they love us and they know when ee leave it will break their hearts. Good luck though(:

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