oh boy, oh boy

What do you do when you have an awesome idea in your head to write about, but can’t seem to get the right words out? It’s impossible sometimes. Especially without him. He used to help me, but then again, he also used to rewrite the whole thing even if I didn’t want him to. Then it would become his poem or whatever and not mine. Even though it was orginally mine to begin with. You’re wondering who this “him” is? I’m not telling you. I’m trying to get over the son of a gun, and to be honest. I was doing good until I got stuck on this lousy poem. Then I realized how much I needed his help. Sigh. My boyfriend would be happy to help, but he’s not that great at writing. Sorry love! He’s smart, but can’t write worth a piece. But he would also not be very happy about the fact I’m thinking of my ex.. again. I don’t understand that man. I can say man, he’s over 18. Although, he’s not really a man, but oh well. I don’t get him. One bit. One minute he says he wants me out of his life then the next he wants me back and he’s sorry. It’s whatever. I’m bound and determined to get over him. Although, I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard. Especially when he texts you and says he’s sorry and he was being an ass. Yes he was- fyi. I would never admit that to him, unless I was mad at him of course. I’m proud of myself for being so strong and not texting him back. No matter how much I may have wanted to. There’s only so much heartbreak you can handle, you know? 


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