I have to wake up early in the morning.  Possibly six or sooner. It’s almost midnight and I can’t sleep. I have to actually dress up in the morning(totally unlike me). Now I have no clue how to do my hair.. Which I know with be a frizz ball or an afro. Either way I know good and well it will be difficult. This is just fantabulous.

Besides that, I have no clue how to dress. I never dress up. You’re lucky if you catch me wearing jeans. Which is probably what my English teacher/academics coach meant by dress unlike me. Because they’re may be cameras and news crews and what-not, so I need to look good. Blah. Oh boy, it’s going to be a long day.


On the flip side, tomorrow may be the end of the world. What if I die looking unlike me? That’s not great. Maybe I can put together an outfit that looks like me, but is dressy.. yeah.. I’m not so sure of myself.


Well, see you tomorrow,

hopefully. ❤


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