Daddy Please.

You’re dying,
What’s the point in trying
To lie to me?
How did you think I’d be?
“I’m okay,
I didn’t want you to worry,” you say
Maybe you are right now,
But a lot can change in a year.
I just want you here.
You’re my hero-
You’ve always been there when I’ve had zero.
You love me no matter what
You’ve taught me things that can only be taught, 
By a dad
Whose arms are there to hold you when you’re sad.
I don’t know where I’ll be-
Without you here with me.
You’ve fought off war,
And always came back to our door.
Only for something like this,
Something that wont miss.
I don’t understand
How the world can take such a good man.
Theres no one else like you
Who can do the things you do.
I hope you know how important you are to me,
Because I love you daddy.


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